Wild Mind
Artisan Ales

Brand, Naming, Packaging, Events, Signage, Wraps


  • Wild Mind brand brought to life with soup to nuts (or rather, beer to pretzels) brand and design applications.
  • The brewery has experienced considerable year-over-year growth, won notable awards, and exceeded expectations at every turn.


Crafting artisan ales isn‘t a new art, but it is one that Wild Mind is bringing their own flavor to—all of their beers are brewed with Minnesota yeast cultured from around the state. Add to that a pet-friendly, vibrant atmosphere in what used to be a commercial car wash and you nearly tick all the boxes for a great destination. The one box remaining? It’s the product, and they ticked that box twice with some dang good offerings.

Having worked on other beer accounts I know that if the product isn‘t good no amount of design or messaging will convince someone otherwise. Being able to work with a new brewery that has great product, great founders and a runway for exploration ticked all of my boxes too.

A Collage of Different Packaging for Wild Mind
Wild Mind packaging, labeling and environment


Having just opened the doors, Wild Mind was looking to ensure that the brand had a singular voice and expression from the start. In such a competitive market second chances might only be something you get to name a beer. When I was introduced, much of the brewery‘s environment was in place. With colorful embellishments and a modern, warm aesthetic punctuated by the looming presence of massive oak foeders, it was anything but the rustic barn wood and sheet metal commonplace. This place was unique, and this is what I set out to capture.

A Collection of Posters for Various Wild Mind Events
Wild Mind event posters


At the heart of the execution is the vibrancy of the brand—most often combined with the handcrafted brush strokes that are found throughout the brewery. At other times simple geometric shapes or patterns provide the backdrop. The strokes are loose and the graphics are simple and tight to keep things interesting.

A Collection of Bottle Labels
Label templates capture the barrels, foeder and “WM” with the brush stroke treatment found throughout the brewery alongside beer club and signature labels

With the newness of the brewery, the short label runs and frequent events it was easy to play up and down a visual spectrum while maintaining a sight-line to the foundation. The beer you choose may depend on the season, mood, or environment and I wanted the brand to reflect that fluidity too.

Visuals weren’t the only solve. Together, with a favorite brand strategist/creative director, I help focus the message with theme, territory, mission and tagline exploration. Ultimately landing on a concise brand positioning with meaningful extensions.

A calligram in the Shape of a Beer Growler
Wild Mind’s brand “prayer” calligram in the shape of a Palla growler


While I can‘t take credit for any of the awards Wild Mind has won for the beer, I can surmise that the design hasn’t hurt. Promoted events consistently sell out. Merchandise is selling. Lines are out the door for bottle releases. The Forgotten Barrel Society, Wild Mind‘s exclusive beer club, is at capacity. Distribution is growing. All of these are signs that the brand promise is being delivered on multiple fronts.

A Collection of Different Logos and Lockups
Miscellaneous lockups