Life Time Membership

Competitive Analysis, User Research, Interaction Design, UX Design, UI, Front-end Development



Life Time is an established, yet fast-growing company with a strong membership base. Traditionally, sales happen in-person with a representative collecting member data at sign up. To modernize and streamline the process it was time to allow prospects to become a member simply by joining online.

Website User Flow Diagram
Initial user flow


Create a progressive membership builder that starts with a prospect choosing a location, and ends with a prospect-turned-new-member beginning the onboarding process.

Club Locator Map with a List of Results
Choose a Location — step 1 of the progressive disclosure


Beginning with competitive analysis we wanted to understand the common patterns, funnels and decisions users faced when joining a fitness center online. Based on initial requirements and observations, I developed a prototype of our 14-club pilot experience to be used in a series of self-moderated, task-based usability testing sessions.

Introducing new systems and workflows that replace or compliment existing methods can expose operational, and sometimes emotional challenges. To make sure everyone was on the same page we held several collaborative listening sessions with the in club and remote sales teams, along with legacy technology owners—any group that could be impacted had visibility into the project.

After a successful pilot, the new experience launched for all 139+ clubs. We continue to shape the experience through A/B testing, moderated usability testing, analytics, accessibility audits, design reviews and feature enhancements.

Screen with Membership Options Cards
Membership Options — step 2 of the progressive disclosure
Wireframes of All Steps in the Website at Different Breakpoints
Steps 1–5 of the flow with breakpoint states and variable components


Sales continue to surpass expectations. We’re learning new ways to present the breadth of membership options and configurations to potential members. Legacy systems are being phased out. We’re shaping a better onboarding flow. And lastly, our teams, processes, and tools are providing a more consistent, premium join experience.